Pillar 1:
Current Funding Sources

To keep the lights on, our 2017-18 budget must bring in close to $1 million. Historically we generate revenue in five critical ways:


Current Revenue Sources


Private Donations

Over the past four decades the local community has been generous with donations of both money and volunteer time. Our San Mateo Coastside is somewhat isolated from the rest of the county, so neighbor-helping-neighbor donations are crucial to our revenue picture. And as folks come and go living on the Coastside, we cherish our current donors while introducing the agency to newly arrived residents

Federal Funding and Foundation Grants

It is a common misperception that Senior Coastsiders is completely funded by the government or through grants. With that said, grant programs like the Federal Older Adult Grants and Federal Community Development Block Grants are critical to our operation. Unfortunately we have no control over how much will be available to us on an ongoing basis. Other non-government grants also provide significant revenue, but they are highly competitive, time consuming and often “one-time-only-money”. Opportunities for non-government grants are shrinking, so competition is significant, and these programs come with time-intensive application processes and reporting requirements.

Senior Coastsiders Thrift Store

We are grateful for generous community donations of clothing and goods, along with an exceptional staff and volunteers. We anticipate steady but flat revenue from the thrift store, as increased prices are offset by higher wages.

Fundraising Events

We host two major fundraising events each year, Taste of the Coast and the annual Pumpkin Run. While they build important community awareness, their financial impact is minimal.


We have established contractual relationships providing meals for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center (CADHC) and on-site social services for Mercy Housing and Lesley Senior Services. This income, which we hope to increase in coming years, includes renting unused space in our facility during off-peak hours.