Pillar 2:
Endowment & Planned Giving


Senior Coastsiders has nurtured a modest endowment fund that has grown to $550,000 over the past 13 years. Our 40 MORE objective is to increase the principal to $5 million within five years and manage it to yield an annuity of 5% or $250,000. We will fund the endowment in two ways:


Planned Giving

We welcome donations to Senior Coastsiders from the estates of those who give through a will or trust a gift of cash, equity, or property. Senior Coastsiders recently joined as an Investment Fund Partner to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation which includes counsel and an investment fund capability.
To find out more about Planned Giving, click here.


Targeted Donations

A donor may want to specifically target funding of the endowment. If, in the course of a year money is donated above and beyond the annual funding required for operating expenses it will be applied to support the endowment.